Will 'Spike' Bridges


Body (Keeps in shape): 50
General Athletics: 40
Struggle: 40

Speed (Local smash bros king): 60
Dodge: 35
Driving: 15
Pick Pocket: 40

Mind (Pick up new skills quickly): 60
General Education: 15
Notice: 50
Conceal: 30
Occult Counter: 50

Soul (Understand the world and those in it): 70
Charm: 50
Lying: 15
Avatar: The Pilgrim: 65

1/10 : Violence : 1/5
2/10 : Unnatural : 0/5
0/10 : Helplessness : 0/5
0/10 : Isolation : 1/5
0/10 : Self : 1/5

Obsession: Revive The Comte
Rage Stimulus: Apathy
Fear Stimulus: Isolation
Noble Stimulus: Understanding of others


Poison Ward
1 minor charge
Effect: This negates the effects of any poisons in a targeted cup (includes alcohol, bacteria, viruses and other toxins.) It won’t work on food, only beverages.
Ritual: Before drinking something, rotate the drinking vessel 360o clockwise while saying the word “sushem”. Then rotate the vessel 360o anti-clockwise saying “crechab”.

Purifying Bath
4 minor charges
Effect: This ritual allows the bather to temporarily “cleanse” his aura for three days. The practical purposes of this cleansing aura are many. An entropic or astral parasite may be dislodged during a Purifying Bath as it loses its astral “grip” on the bather; if the ritual is successful, the bather may make a check against his current Soul stat +20% to shuck the tormenting entity. (The parasite does not automatically reattach at the end of the three days; it would have to be attached again.) A Purifying Bath can dull the pain of the Pornomancer Blast spell and, combined with magickal or mundane healing, can return the Wound Points lost to it. An adept can take a Purifying Bath to disguise the fact he can work magick, provided he does no magick during that time. Any attempt to use Sense Aura on someone who has recently had a Purifying Bath suffers a -30% shift to the skill level the first day, -20% the second, and -10% the third. Aura traces can be eliminated, so that a murdered can sever the mystical connection to his victim – the magickal equivalent of wiping for fingerprints –making him undetectable as a murdered through magick. Note that this latter effect only works if the user is cleansed at the time crime; it will note retroactively remove trail.
Ritual: Prepare a container of water large enough to fully submerge the bather, filled with warm water from seven specific seas (The Mediterranean, the Dead, the North, the Baltic, the Caspian, the Red and the Black). To this water is added aromatic oil of aloe, the blood of a lamb, rowan ashes, strawberry wine, iron filings, a piece of tarnished silver, powdered garnets, and fresh basil. The bather must engage in at least 15 repititions of ritual ablation, washing the head chest and genitals, in that order. Then the bather must soak in the cooling mixture for one hour. Using a towel woven from a mix of wool from black sheep and black goats that is exactly as long as the bather is tall, the bather must dry himself completely. The bather must emerge from the bath, dry off, and wrap his head completely in the towel, leaving no part of the head exposed to the air. He will then fall asleep. When he awakens after a thirty-minute nap, he will make is roll to see if the ritual is a success and if he receives the benefits of the bath. The towel can be reused, but is effective only for a single person. If ever used by another, even in a mundane fashion, it is useless forevermore.

Portal Glyph
3 minor charges
Effect: Anyone pursuing you will automatically pass over the door in question in favour of looking in another direction, no matter how absurd such a decision would be (i.e. ignoring the only door in a hallway and instead searching the ventilation system.)
Ritual: Mark a door in some significant way, such as writing on it, taping a sign to it, or even hanging a bent hanger on the door handle. Once the door is marked, whisper “Qui sum?” and go through the door. The ritual fades in 10 minutes.

Foul Stench of Sorcery
2 minor charges
Effect: The next time an adept successfully casts a spell on you, you catch a whiff of a terrible, acrid stench – image the smell of burning hair being put out by asparagus piss. At the same time, the adept who cast it beings to exude the same aroma, which persists for about an hour. The smell coming off the adept can be detected by anyone around hi,. The “warning whiff” you receive is perceptible to you alone. In order to trigger this ritual, the adept’s spell has to be specifically directed at the protected person. A spell that affected a crowd would not set it off. Once activated, the ritual must be performed again for the effect to be reinstated.
Ritual: Melt a cup of unsalted butter until it’s completely liquid, but don’t let it boil. Add a drop of vinegar and stir it with your own bleeding finger. Using the same finger, paint a circle on the sole of your left foot, on the spot acupuncturists call the “bubbling well.” It doesn’t have to be an exact circle or an exact size, but one inch in diameter is about right. On the other foot, paint a cross, same size, same location, same finger used to paint it. Change the words “ebus jackley” until the butter dries.


From a young age, Spike was fascinated with the world outside. For a boy raised by layabout parents on benefits in a dead-end town in the middle of nowhere, this quickly became a problem. At first, he took to fantasy and exploration, roaming the landscape around his home when his parents weren’t looking (which was often) and eking from that every bit of entertainment that he could. That quickly lost its lustre, however. Spike knew then that he wanted to, had to, travel. At first, he endeavoured to convince his parents of the error of their ways. He took to pickpocketing the occasional rich person that passed through town, trying to find some trinket or souvenir that would inspire in his parents the wonder that pervaded his life, a wonder that was quickly fading.

As he entered his adolescence, Spike learned that even a dead-end community like his had its seedy underbelly and consequently spent his early teen years playing thief and courier for the more organised criminal elements around his town. As he grew into young adulthood, his apparent utility on that front faded and Spike found himself at a loss. His goal long-abandoned; though he wasn’t sure when, he’d lost all hope that his parents might see the world the way he did and, when he looked deep into his soul, he realised he’d lost his own sense of wonder, too. He dropped out of school, then, falling into his parents’ way of life with no one to stop him, a hole in his heart where his ambition had been.

It was only when the Comte’s letter arrived that Spike really understood that what he’d lost was purpose and the meaning that it brought to his life. In that moment of understanding, he latched onto this new goal, a noble goal to redeem, in part, an ignoble childhood, in his entirety. He has since thrown himself into study, where he can, taking a new interest in his occult powers.

Will 'Spike' Bridges

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