What went wrong? You were all kids and teenagers once. You all dreamed of having power, having magic, and changing your boring lives. You dreamed of castles, of floating fortresses, of mansions and palaces. You dreamed of saving the princess, the prince, the world…. You’re all grown up now, so what the fuck went wrong? Sure you’ve got the power, you’ve got the magic… well magick. But you’ve got a shitty little apartment, if you’re lucky, else you’re in a bedsit or your box on the street. You can barely save yourself, let alone the princess or the world.

What went wrong? Well…. that’s easy isn’t it? The world did. That late night at the underground club, you saw things that cannot exist, objects hovering and flying through the air where the least of your issues. That short cut through the rough area, the cult you walked in on, the thing they summoned, watching you with that one unblinking pulsating eye. That night you got persuaded to do a séance, Happy Henry was the never the same, and now he’s doing time for 17 of the most grotesque murders the cops had ever seen.

What went wrong? Maybe it isn’t so easy…. When did you start cutting? Not yourself of course, you’ve kept a diary of that. When did you start being able to cut others… with just a thought. When did you start lying so much? The little lie to get in the club… that’s how it started, and now you spend most of the day pretending to be others. People believe you’re not you… and so do you? When did you start THAT collection? It was so simple, a single idol, such a pretty idol. You polished it every day. Then it started talking, and you listened. Then it started making the offers, and you took them. Now you have thousands of the pretty idols, and their powers, yet no money, yet no friends, yet no family. Just your idols. But that is all you need. Right?

What went wrong? How did you make these enemies? The men who live in the shadows and can kill you with a thought. The mafia of Chicago, who will travel miles to get what they want from your mind. The papal order, who think… who know you’re a devil, and they will ensure you are… Saved. The cabal of street shamans who have the city itself attempting to kill you. Not the people, but the buildings, the traffic, the vermin.

What went wrong? You arrived “home” the other day, to a letter. The world is coming to an end. And it’s from him. The oldest man in the universe. The man who never dies. The man who apparently sent this from beyond the grave. The immortal, who is in “heaven”. The First and Last man, who has now pissed off the gods. The Comte St. Germain, the man who needs your help… your help beyond anyone else in this town.

The Godwalker Chronicles: What Went Wrong?

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